Monday, August 04, 2008

The Best Free MMORPG List REVISED!!

I decided to take some time and give the site a make-over. I repaired all the old links, added some features to make it easier to find games, added new descriptions + thumbnail screenshots to all the games and I added 100+ NEW FREE MMORPG's to the list!!

I'm proud to say this is and will always be the BEST FREE MMORPG LIST on the net!

More improvements coming soon, ENJOY!! Support bloggers!

Friday, April 07, 2006


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Welcome to my MMORPG and MMO list site. I have spent a long time collecting the data for this list and I hope you find it helpful.

How to view list: On the left hand top side of the site there is a alphabetical menu, this can be used to view all the games. You will also notice small text menus on the pages like the one below, this can also be used to see the games.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

MMORPG and MMO Spotlight

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In the MMORPG and MMO spotlight section I will feature games that stand out. This list will change from time to time to feature new games.

3d Space MMORPG Spotlight:

--Anarchy Online-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Anarchy Online is the first science fiction-based massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (Sci-fi MMORPG). Thousands of players world-wide can compete and cooperate simultaneously in a rich, futuristic world of cutting-edge graphics and sound, brought to you by the award-winning developers of The Longest Journey, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Speed Freaks, Championship Motorcross, and Pocahontas.

PvP MMORPG Spotlight:
--Exteel-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d Mech MMORPG
Description: Test your mettle in Exteel, a free-to-play, a fully-loaded, futuristic shooter that puts you in control of a heavily armored, completely customizable Mechanaught. Playing a mercenary pilot, you'll charge into combat, destroy your opponents, and compete for total domination.

2d MMORPG Spotlight:
--Gunbound-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d combat MMORPG
Description: We invite you to the world of Gunbound, which takes place in Planet "Lond" and its 8 moons. Gunbound meansThe infinite war between each unique mobile and its riders" In Lond 16 unique mobiles are available. Each of these mobile is processed in different environment and therefore, it has its own unique character no other mobile possesses. With our experience and history of making turn-based shooting game, players will find themselves in middle of intense battle between mobiles.

Browser MMORPG Spotlight:
--Dragon Fable-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG
Description: DragonFable is an animated fantasy RPG (It has Dragons!) that you can create a free account and play using your web browser. Each week we add new original content based on the suggestions of you and your fellow players as we evolve our ongoing storyline.

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3d Fantasy MMORPG Spotlight:
--Requiem Bloodymare-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Requiem: Bloodymare is a massively multiplayer online game for mature audiences that will immerse you into a dark world of bloodshed devastated by generations of scientific and magical abuse. You'll need to fight against the grotesque monsters that stalk the cursed land, and band together with your allies to survive against the stronger, bloodthirsty creatures that only prowl at night.

3d Online FPS Spotlight:
--Enemy Territory-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d Online FPS
Description: the latest game set in the Wolfenstein universe. Players battle in teams as Axis or Allies wage war in a series of linked maps in a brand new campaign mode or over traditional single maps.

P2P MMORPG Spotlight:
--Warhammer Online-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: I know that this is a list of Free MMORPG's and MMO's but this game is so good that it is well worth a mention. If you have the money this game is awsome. War is everywhere in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR), the new fantasy MMORPG from Mythic Entertainment, the creators of Dark Age of Camelot. WAR features next generation Realm vs. Realm gameplay that will immerse you in a world of perpetual conflict for years to come.

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