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--Fairyland-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG
Description: Fairyland Online is an online wonderland with various fairy tales, adventures and lovely characters. This game provides the most innocent fantasy to children as well as to adults and satisfies everyone’s curiosity about the myth of each story.

--Faldon-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG
Description: Fantasy MMORPG

--Fallensword-- Get It Here
Game Type: Browser MMORPG
Description: allen Sword is a highly addictive, continuously evolving massively multiplayer roleplay game where you join thousands of other players across the globe in a world of fantasy and adventure.

--Fiesta Online-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Enjoy the endless gameplay of for-pay MMORPGs without paying a dime! Team up with friends, battle fearsome enemies, and customize your character endlessly in Fiesta, OUTSPARK's cartoon-styled FREE MMORPG. Fiesta Online is a full 3D cartoon fantasy MMORPG based on brilliant and dynamic cartoon style graphic images. The biggest characteristic of the game is that it can appeal to the users of various age groups and in many countries with the cartoon style graphics.

--Fantasy Worlds : Rhynn-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d Moble Phone MMORPG
Description: Fantasy Worlds: Rhynn is a real time Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) for mobile phones.

--flyff-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Magical flying MMO that stands for "Fly For Fun".

--ForumWars-- Get It Here
Game Type: Browser MMO
Description: Magical dragon-faeries? Flaxen-hair'd elflords? Dank scary dungeons, reminiscent of Grandpa's basement? Kids' stuff. In Forumwarz, you can pwn trolls in ridiculous web forums...buy hacked warez from shady Russian websites...or upgrade your skills with breast implants, malt liquor and antidepressants.

--Fung Wan Online-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: FWO is a 3D MMORPG that brings to life the popular comic Fung Wan or Feng Yun by Hong Kong comic author Ma Wing Shing.

--Furcadia-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d chat MMORPG
Description: Furcadia is a fully graphical, Massively Multi-player Online Social Game (MMOSG) with an isometric perspective, making it easy to interact with others. The fantasy theme appeals to all ages and makes Furcadia an online experience for the whole family.

--Free Realms-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d mmorpg
Description: Free Realms is a free 3D virtual world with stunning unique graphics and fun, quirky activities. Free Realms is an attitude. It's innovative, dynamic and deep. Welcome to Free Realms, where there's so much to see and explore!

--Freestyle Street Basketball-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d Sports MMO
Description: FreeStyle Street Basketball is a fast-paced massively multiplayer online PC basketball game where players meet on virtual courts to challenge each other in a dynamic pick-up game environment, featuring cutting-edge music, fashions and gravity defying basketball moves. The game’s easy-to-learn controls allow players to master every move, from simple shots to crazy alleyoop dunks, using just four keys. Gamers can play 1-on-1, 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 street basketball online against people from around the country

--FreeWorld Online-- Get It Here
Description: 3d MMORPG

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--Gaia Online-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG and community
Description: Founded in 2003, Gaia Online is the leading online hangout on the web. More than five million visitors come to Gaia every month to make friends, play games, watch movies in Gaia Cinemas, Gaia's virtual theaters, and participate in the world's most active online community. Gaia provides a fun, social environment that inspires individuality and creativity. With everything from art contests to discussion forums on poetry, politics, celebrities and more, to fully customizable profiles, digital characters and cars, Gaia is a place where teens can create their own space and express their individual style.

--Galactic Conquest-- Get It Here
Game Type: Browser MMORPG
Description: Galactic Conquest is a free Massive Games / MMOG games that is played via a web browser, no download or client is required to play. Theme is Science Fiction Space Strategy Games similar to other MPOG, MMORPG, MOG, RTS, Tick Based Games, Turn Based Games, MMO, MO with the exception that this is a strategy theme.

--Gate to Heavens-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Features: Fantastic Character Animation, A Unique 3D World Where Field and Dungeon Coexists, Real Time Random Quest System And Event Battle System, Large-scale Battle System of Diverse Formation Breaking with Guardians, Maximised Distinctive Features – Multi-Character Development System, Diverse Item Options and Skill System, Various Economic Systems and Strengthened Co-operative Game Play.

--Galaxy Online-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d Space MMORPG
Description: Galaxy Online is set across the vast universe, and players from different forces can PK freely. Battles rage constantly and in this galactic sphere, the law of the jungle rules. Players must promote their strength ceaselessly to maintain their position, and only the bravest and wisest commander can be the King! Players may like the many thoughtful design elements in the game, such as smart client, convenient galaxy trustee system, individual and intelligent Plug-ins system, all of which let players experience wonderful feelings whilst playing the game!

--Globulation2-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d Online Strategy
Description: Globulation 2 brings a new type of gameplay to RTS games. The player chooses the number of units to assign to various tasks, and the units do their best to satisfy the requests. This allows players to manage more units and focus on strategy rather than on micro-management. Globulation 2 also features AI, allowing single-player games or any possible combination of human-computer teams. The game also includes a scripting language for versatile gameplay or tutorials and an integrated map editor. You can play Globulation 2 in single player mode, through your local network, or over the Internet with Ysagoon Online Gaming (or YOG for short).

--Goonzu-- Get It Here
Description: isometric MMORPG

--GHOST ONLINE-- Get It Here

--Graal-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG
Description: Zelda Clone with multi-player features

--Granado Espada-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG

--Grand Chase-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG
Description: Grand Chase is a Free-To-Play, 3D-rendered fantasy adventure online game developed by KOG. The Ntreev USA release of the title features exclusive and significant upgrades to the game including: updated graphics, fine-tuned control mechanics, USB controller access, new, professional localization along with professionally produced English voice acting for all story elements. Also, the game features new game modes, a new World Map and enhanced Dungeon system, as well as introducing more RPG elements, quests, and missions.

--Gekkeiju Online-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Gekkeiju Online is a Free-to-play Fantasy based 3d Multi-User Dungeon that has been running since 2003. The game is full of totally unique features never seen in any Graphical Online Role-Playing Game before.

--Gunbound-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d combat MMORPG
Description: We invite you to the world of Gunbound, which takes place in Planet "Lond" and its 8 moons. Gunbound meansThe infinite war between each unique mobile and its riders" In Lond 16 unique mobiles are available. Each of these mobile is processed in different environment and therefore, it has its own unique character no other mobile possesses. With our experience and history of making turn-based shooting game, players will find themselves in middle of intense battle between mobiles.

--Gunz The Duel-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3rd Person Online FPS
Description: unique online action hero multiplayer game.

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--Habbo Hotel-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG
Description: Habbo Hotel is a virtual hotel where you can hang out and make new friends. It's designed for 13 to 18 year olds in the US.

--Hat Trick-- Get It Here
Description: Sports MMO

--Hello Kitty Online-- Get It Here
Description: Browser MMORPG

--Hero-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Hero Online is a masterpiece created by three generations of distinguished martial art novelists. The storyline is written by first generation martial arts novelist, Kum Kang, who utilizes a complex combination of story content and plot twists, free from prearranged paths, that brings a whole new gaming experience.

--Holic-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Holic Online is a cute-style free MMO developed by Mgame based in Seoul, South Korea. The game features meticulous scene setting, adorable characters and plenty of action and emotes.

--Hostile Space-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG
Description: Hostile Space is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that takes place in a vast persistent galaxy. Players take on the role of a star ship captain with goals including planetary exploration, mining, bounty hunting, smuggling goods, and taking on terrible space monsters. There is a diverse set of races and classes to select from.

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--Illarion-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG
Description: This game is not about levelling up or hunting monsters. There is no global chat and no experience points. This game is about roleplaying, which means you interact with other people and your environment as if you were a person in a real medieval fantasy world.

--Illutia-- Get It Here
Description: 2d MMORP

--Imperial Conflict-- Get It Here
Description: Browser MMORPG

--Infantry-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d Combat MMO
Description: Team with gamers from around the world in this adrenaline-pumping collection of online combat games. It's all-out frenetic action in the world of Infantry where battles featuring up to 100+ wage throughout the day. Easy to play and simple to get into, Infantry offers a quick blend of tactics and action unlike any other massively multiplayer online game.

--Infinity Empire-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description:Infinity is a MMO Action Game with a strong PvP (Player Versus Player) orientation. Action is the key of Infinity where graphic effects are resulting of your extraordinary fighting combos. Player can choose in the lobby room between two majors types of gaming: PvP (Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Tournaments…) and Missions (Hunting, Boss killing, Dungeon Quests). PvP mainly gives Reputation points and Missions are great to gain Experiance.


--Kal Online-- Get It Here
Description: 3d MMORPG

--Kicks Online-- Get It Here
Description: 3d Sports MMO
Description: Kicks Online is a free-to-play soccer MMO (massively multi-player online) developed by Entermate, one of the emerging brands of Korean online games industry. The game was launched on the Korean market on July 2006 and now has more than 300,000 Registered users. Kicks Online adopts street soccer modes and rules. Only through different tactics (such as various ways of passing ball and adjusting football surface harness) and strong teamwork players can win the match.

--Kings of Chaos-- Get It Here
Description: You are bold to enter the Kingdom of Drakkar, where dangerous creatures hoard their treasure and lure the luckless to their doom. Recruit others to aid you in your quests. As your power grows, so too will your challenges. Take heed! Portals connect forbidden cities, and lands exist that have yet to be discovered.

--Kingdom of Drakkar-- Get It Here
Description: 2d MMORPG

--The Kingdom of Loathing-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG
Description: KoL is played from the comfort of your browser, and is adorned with a staggering array of stunning hand-drawn images. It is turn-based, which means you get a certain number of turns (Adventures) each day. What can you do with these turns? I'm glad you asked.

--Kingdoms of War-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORTS
Description: The entire game is played out in realtime in a huge persistent world. When you go to battle you will be able to actually take your armies onto the field and fight your enemy in realtime.

--Khan-- Get It Here
Description: 3d MMORPG

--Knight Fight-- Get It Here
Game Type: Browser MMORPG
Description: Choose from hundreds of weapons, suits of armour, shields, amulets and rings to improve your fighting abilities.

--Knight Online-- Get It Here
Description: 3d MMORPG

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